Securus Technologies Has the Answer for Inmate and Family Communications

Securus Technologies is a large communications company located in Dallas, Texas. They specialize in linking families of incarcerated men and women with their loved ones who are in prison via various telephone systems. It is a strong program that helps to keep families together even though one of its members is in prison.


There are various plans available from collect calls, direct billing, inmate pay and advanced pay. Securus currently serves over 1.2 million inmates and more than 3,400 institutions in North America. It means a lot for people who are incarcerated and their families to be able to stay in touch with each other.


One very popular feature is the video conferencing feature which allows inmates and their families to hook up online where they can not only talk with one another but they are able to see each other as well. This feature is available on a scheduled basis and it saves the family from having to travel all the way to the facility and then wait in line for a visitation booth to open up.


Securus has a very sophisticated phone system that also works in favor of law enforcement. Prisons always have the problems of criminal activity taking place such as the smuggling in of drugs and alcohol, as well as plots that can endanger prison personnel and other inmates.


The Securus phone system has a very intelligent voice recognition system where anyone who is plotting a crime or could be a danger to anyone in the institution can be identified by their voice. If such plans are made over the phone in the Securus system, chances are the authorities will be able to trace the voice to the person or persons who are involved.


Many potential crimes have been thwarted in this manner. The biggest benefit of the system is how the families and inmates are able to stay in communication which helps everyone deal with being apart.


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