Josh Smith & His Modular Green House Revolution

Reno, Nevada, is home to one of the country’s most ingenious individuals and this person is known as Josh Smith. Smith is a businessman through and through. HeĀ is known to be a serial entrepreneur and that speaks volumes. On top of that, he has worked in numerous fields of work. The guy is simply well-rounded, but he has a heart of gold. Smith has a purpose to help as many people as he truly can. One of the best ways to achieve this is with organic food. If you don’t have good health then you don’t have anything. Unfortunately, too many people fall under this scenario, but there is a more progressive way of getting your health back on track.

Josh Smith’s organization is in the position to implement greenhouses into the educational system. This means that greenhouses and gardens could be inserted right on the campuses of many schools. You have to give children a fighting chance and this Reno, Nevada, native is on a one-man mission of doing so. Have you ever heard of modular green houses? Well, Joshua Smith is the creator of these innovative structures. His eco-socio mission is also shared by other like-minded professionals. These people use tried and true methods to reach a common goal. As the old saying goes, “less is more.” This notion rings true as the modular greenhouses can produce great results while taking up fewer square footage.

On top of that, the greenhouses will be equipped with innovative smart applications. These applications can run on auto-pilot if need be. Any sensor or device can be connected with the apps. You can view the greenhouse via monitoring, and you can control fans and heaters inside of the greenhouses without ever being there. The future is now and Joshua Smith of Reno, Nevada, is making it happen.

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