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The Future Lies In India: Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina in 2004. He got the idea for the company when he tried to send an email with a short video to a friend and could not complete the task. The company has expanded and grown over the years and if the front-runner when it comes to video conferencing and video email. Now the company is going worldwide and the future for Talk Fusion and it’s direct marketing services lies in the country of India. Here’s the article:

A new press release by Talk Fusion confirms that it will have an office in the country of India. The new office will be located in the city of New Delhi. Talk Fusion is looking forward to expanding its reach in India and helping businesses get on the fast track to success.Bob Reina has said that word of mouth about the new office in New Delhi has spread like wildfire in the country. He thinks that the new office will be one of the best in the world and he looks forward to working with many companies in the region.

talk Fusion is one of the biggest worldwide leaders when it comes to video email and video conferencing capabilities. talk Fusion is using a new platform called WebRTC to give businesses and individuals the latest in advanced technology. Associates who work for the company sell the products independently are continuing to influence modern business as we know it.

Talk Fusion has also expanded the variety of products that it sells to businesses and clients. Along with video email, and video conferencing products Talk Fusion also helps businesses and clients with sign up sheets and video newsletters. With these new products, Talk Fusion can help businesses and clients streamline costs and save money. Helping companies and individuals expand and grow with technology is why talk Fusion is in business.

Bob Reina has hit the proverbial jackpot with Talk Fusion. He saw a need for businesses and filled it to the best of his ability. Helping others around the world is why Bob Reina does what he does. Learn more:

Richard Blair Passion Transforms the Living Plan of Austin Community

Richard Blair Passion Transforms the Living Plan of Austin Community


Wealth Solutions provides exceptional services that enable customers to develop, safeguard and manage their possessions. The company founder Richard Blair has been resourceful to many clients. He has extensive knowledge and qualifications in the field. His company is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm located in Austin.


Approach to Financial Planning Procedure

According to the Wealth Solutions CEO, for one to chase their financial objectives, they require a solid strategy. Hence, he focuses on supporting the Austin community clients in Texas through provision of affluence managing services and retirement preparation. Through the three-pillar approach, the advisory firm can know the financial status of their client together with their retirement requirements. The method allows them to draw a holistic plan for every customer.


Pillar 1 method assists the client to design their monetary roadmap. It classifies their strengths, objectives, risk tolerance and development opportunities. Being aware of client financial history helps forge an excellent investment roadmap.


The second pillar approach allows the development of a long-term investment plan for the client, which meets his or her investment needs. The strategy is customized depending on customer’s liquidity requirements and investment objectives. Blair transfers and controls assets to make sure his customer’s portfolio does well when the market is appropriate. He also manages to control the influence of undesirable market periods on his client’s investment.


The third pillar method applies to customer’s goals and strategies to accomplish them are completed. In this approach, Mr. Blair focuses on the client’s insurance requirements. Besides annuities, he covers their life insurance and long-term care.


Richard Blair Career Growth


Richard Blair career path influence leans more on his family background. He chose to offer financial advisory services to small traders, families, and individuals. Topped up by his passion for finance, he established Wealth Solutions, Austin in 1994. Blair’s dream was to change the lives of Austin, Texas community.


Wealth Solutions practices no discrimination neither conflict of interest. It continues to offer impartial advice to all its customers. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has acquired immense experience and expertise in asset management and financial planning. He assists his clients’ in bridging the gap between preparation for and living in retirement.


Through many years of practice, Richard has strengthened and sharpened his experience. He has assisted individuals, business people as well as families in planning g for their retirement. The passion of helping clients in strategizing for a future living has actualized dreams of many.


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Omar Boraie brings the Middle Class Back

The United States of America is growing ever more hostile toward the one percent who make up this country. People such as Chief Executive Officers and corporate leaders are the targets of protests and many social media attacks. While many of these people are ruthless cutthroats who only serve themselves, this is not true for Omar Boraie who is the hero of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Omar Boraie has looked after New Brunswick with the heart of a father. He believed in his heart that the city could become just as influential as any city in the European Union. He dedicated his life and real estate company Boraie Development LLC to make that happen.

According to WSJ, Omar Boraie sat down with the executives at Boraie Development LLC and began working on a plan. In the end, they created a 4 phase process to walk through. The process included bringing families back to the area, getting corporations to stay, bringing in professional practices, and getting the middle-class to grow.

In order to make families feel like New Brunswick was a place they wanted to call home, Omar Boraie worked through many non-profits to create a community atmosphere. One of the more popular programs was the summer of movies that he gave to the community. Every year, the State Theater chooses seven family friendly animated movies and then shows them to the community without charging anyone. This allows neighborhoods to get to know one another. For more details visit NJ Biz.

In order to keep businesses in the area, Omar Boraie had to convince the giants to stay. His main goal was to get Johnson and Johnson to commit to the city. He knew that if they left then, New Brunswick would implode economically. Omar Boraie agreed that if Johnson and Johnson stayed that he would build them an additional factory for a fraction of the normal cost.

In order to bring professional practices to the area, Omar Boraie used a simple strategy. Normally only wealthy professionals could afford class A office space. He felt if he offered this for a middle-class price that he could get young families. It worked.

In order to get the middle-class back, he did the same thing for the residential sector as he did for the commercial. He built higher tiered residences and then sold them for a price that the middle-class found absolutely irresistible. These four things revived the city from the grave. You can search on Yahoo for more.

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Fabletics Focusing on Customers Preferences for Better Sales

Fabletics has emerged as an athleisure brand that truly understands the new age consumers. The modern consumers are not only after the high-street brands that offer quality products at exorbitant prices but brands that offers absolute value for money. Fabletics has been able to penetrate the market in a very well-coordinated manner by first researching on the product line and design that are in discussion in social media and developing such products that would impress the potential customers. The company has a solid team of marketing and design specialists who work in conjunction to understand the requirements of the target audience and develop the product accordingly to ensure they not only love the products but can afford it as well.


Kate Hudson, who has been an integral part of the success journey of Fabletics as one of the co-owners, said that the company is evolving at a rapid pace and grow simultaneously by focusing on customers’ requirements. The company understands that any brand that is static in its approach wouldn’t be desirable for long by the consumers and staying dynamic is the only way out of such stagnancy. It is why the company has been launching many different varieties, styles, and designs of products for its consumers. Fabletics believes that keeping track of what is happening in social media and the products that are liked or disliked by the consumers would help the company many instantaneous decisions, which would help in keeping the sales figures up. It would also ensure that the company doesn’t disappoint its customers who expect Fabletics to deliver, going by its track record.


Fabletics has been able to offer such satisfying consumer experience solely on its focus on the new age technology. The retail technology available these days help the company gather data from every aspect of its existence, whether it is social media, sales figures from stores, the feedback of the consumers, and more. The accumulation of such data helps in figuring out the customers’ preferences that in turn, makes it easier for the brand to forward the products that are liked by the customers. It also helps in ensuring the customer experience is smoothened with time to perfection, and any and all loopholes are eliminated in the process. The reverse showroom technique adopted by Fabletics has also been a hit with the customers, and currently, Fabletics has nearly 30 stores worldwide, with most of them in the United States.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Says Investment In Everyday Brazilians Will Drive Economy Forward

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the current CEO of Bradesco, has recently announced that he will be departing from the role that he has occupied with the bank for more than 9 years. The 67-year-old financial veteran has been operating on special waivers, which allowed him to continue working even as he exceeded the statutory maximum age for CEOs to work at the firm.

The extensions on his tenure were granted by the current chairman of the board, Lazaro Brandao, because Trabuco was the only person knowledgeable enough to complete the integration of HSBC Brazil’s assets into the Bradesco fold. HSBC Brazil had been acquired by Bradesco in 2015 in the single largest private purchase in Brazilian history. Trabuco was widely hailed as a genius deal maker for putting together the $5.2 billion acquisition, which took Bradesco from the brink of insolvency and made it a competitive bank again.

But no one had as much inside knowledge on the deal as Trabuco, so he was granted a special extension in order to fully complete the deal. This is what he has been spending the last two years doing. And from the looks of it, the project has gone extremely well. Today, the bank’s stock price is trading at nearly five times what it was at the end of 2014, and it is nearing all-time highs. This has occurred despite a dismal macroeconomic picture throughout the country and an incredibly difficult competitive environment. For these reasons, Trabuco was awarded the 2015 Isto E Dinheiro Entrepreneur of the Year Award.


As chairman, it is unlikely that he will make any major changes to the bank’s current trajectory. Most of the heavy lifting has already been done. Trabuco will leave an essentially turn-key operation to his successor, who will have to do little more than focus on the day-to-day operations. On its current course, Bradesco is headed for monopoly territory, where it will be the undisputed champion of the Brazilian banking market.

Trabuco has stated that one of the most important things for the bank going forward will be to ensure that all of its customers are able to connect to online banking facilities. Brandao has agreed, with both executives noting that bringing all Bradesco customers online will pose one of the most serious challenges to the bank going forward.

Internal bank reports have estimated that 13 million of the 27 million customers of the bank have no way to access online banking facilities. These customers have been referred to as technologically illiterate, making it all but impossible to get them to use the internet banking facilities, which often allow for cost savings orders of magnitude cheaper than in-person banking. Online banking facilities also tend to lead to better overall customer satisfactions, as customers who are able to address all of their banking needs from their computers or smartphones tend to be far more productive and spend far less time on banking activities.

However, no one at the bank has specifically addressed how the 13 million customers with no access to internet connectivity may be able to become wired into the Bradesco online banking platform. There have been rumors that, sometime in the future, the bank may begin a trial promotion where customers that open certain account types are provided with internet-capable cellular devices and free internet service. While this may sound far-fetched, the amount of money that the bank could save and the number of new customers it could attract would be significant.

Although no concrete plans to this effect have been articulated by Trabuco, it is an issue worth watching as 2018 gets into full swing.

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