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Industry Financial Leaders

NexBank: Industry Financial Professional Leaders

They offer their clients an opportunity to save more money than ever before with technologically advanced features. They help you ditch the traditional way of banking with customer preferred features, you won’t find everywhere. Trust their team of professionals to help you register for an account with a live professional. You can get their NexBank issued Mastercard┬« with low interest rates and 0 percent fraud liability. Their interactive online interface allows you to have access to your account from anywhere in the world with multiple device compatibility like with using your smartphone. You’re invited to join the popular NexBank financial group today.

NexBank Preferred Services

– online bill pay

– direct deposit

– IRA accounts

– no fee ATM’s

– free checks

– low interest personal loans

If you’re like thousands of Americans that make up a huge percentage of student loan debt, you’re looking for a better way to fund college, right? NexBank has partnered with the popular College Savings Bank to offer over 1,300+ college savings programs. They allow their customers to keep their mind focused on their education and saving on college tuition and other expenses. Download the NexBank app today and get access to your funds right away.

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Southridge Capital Provides Support For Clients And The Community

Southridge Capital offers both structured and advisory finance for public business entities and is dedicated to facilitating the needs of clients with a full suite of cutting-edge business solutions.


The core executive team for Southridge Capital is a source of pride and has a profound understanding of the marketplace. The executive team also works tirelessly until executing the financial plans set forth for clients.


Southridge Capital has financed the operations of over 250 companies and has personally invested $1.8 billion in the growth of companies around the world since 1996.


The advisory services offered by the company includes highly detailed financial analysis and the optimization of balance sheets. Services provided by the company in regards to mergers and acquisitions involve efforts on the part of Southridge to identify potential merger candidates that operate in a manner that will be attractive to current clients.


The founding principal of Southridge Capital, Stephen M. Hicks, says that his inspiration the company came from an experience he had while working for a hedge fund in New York City. Hicks explains that the principal for the company he was working for decided to return to his native Australia and at this time Hicks began to think it was time to run his own operation. Check out



Stephen Hicks and wife, Mary also began the Daystar Foundation which supports a variety of non-profit organizations. Hicks, who is also the chief executive officer at Southridge, has carried this philanthropy over to his leadership of the company and assures that Southridge meets all expectations for what Hicks feels to be their social responsibility. For more details visit Bloomberg.


The team at Southridge demonstrates their desire to be of service to their community with both formal and informal philanthropic activities. Team members of Southridge promote volunteer efforts, community activity, and charitable giving as means to strengthen the position of the firm while affecting a positive impact on their own community as well as society as a whole.


Southridge Capital has also worked in tandem with the Daystar Foundation to provide financial support for companies like the Ridgefield Fountain Landmark, Save A Child’s Heart Foundation, Lounsbury House, and many more.



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Business Advisors 101: Madison Street Capital

When it comes to being involved in mergers and acquisitions, this is a position that requires insights, vision, and the ability to serve the interests of both parties involved. As the strategic go-between in the middle of some of the most lucrative mergers and acquisitions, Madison Street Capital has set the standard for what it means to be an advisor in the world of business today.

In the merger between DCG Software Value and the Spitfire Group, Madison Street Capital served as the engine that facilitated such interaction. Madison Street Capital saw that DCG Software Value provided analysis and software value management services while realizing the value in Spitfire group, who is a business-oriented technology consulting firm. Madison Street Capital was able to provide the services as being a financial advisor in the midst of such exceptional organizations. Although both companies have exceptional management teams already, the excellence and ingenuity of Madison Street Capital were a wise choice to act as the go-between. DCG Software Value is a global provider of software services. While maintaining a corporate office in the United States, DCG Software Value has a European corporate office as well. This is very indicative of a global presence. The Spitfire Group specializes in business and technology consulting. When it comes to increasing performance at all levels of your industry, The Spitfire group has a dedicated team of professionals that will assist you in such ambitions

What must be understood is that Madison Street Capital offers their services to publicly and privately held businesses. Madison Street Capital reputation is pristine. Whether it’s advising in matters of finance, financial opinions, or simply mergers and acquisitions, Madison Street Capital is committed to high performance with ultimate success in sight. From working with some of the world’s most noted companies, Madison Street Capital has definitely set a standard in the world of business today and there are many clients who are the benefactors of Madison Street Capital. The efforts of Madison Street Capital doesn’t stop there. As being heavily involved in relief efforts dedicated to helping those who have been devastated by natural disasters Madison Street Capital has teamed up with the United Way in order to provide such help to communities and individuals affected by the unexpected twists of nature. This is another excellent example of putting forth a dedicated effort in assisting and helping communities received the assistance that is desperately needed after being devastated by natural disasters.

In conclusion, Madison Street Capital has helped foster a very beneficial arrangement between DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group. Success in the future is the only result between these two organizations. Thanks to the involvement of Madison Street Capital, success is that much more attainable.


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