Jana Lightspeed: Enterprises for Success with Lightspeed Venture Partners

Jana Lightspeed works in conjunction with other employees, interns and partners for the unique partnership she is affiliated with. When a designer decides to explore fashion, they may begin manufacturing jackets. In order for a jacket to be created, it must be sketched first. Once the jacket is sketched, it should be checked for further details. When further details are added to the sketch, the designer may alter the overall design. When the sketch is completed, the designer may need to copy the design onto a computer. When the sketch has been transferred to the computer, they can save the file. In order to save the computer file, the designer must retrieve the initial file full of important information.

Jana Lightspeed

When the file is retrieved through the network, they can view the document. The designer may want to re-sketch the design. The designer has to retrieve their sketching paper. The designer’s sketching paper may be located in a drawer. Most art supplies is stored in a desk. Once the designer retrieves the sketching paper from their desk, they will need to find their pencils. Designers can use more than one type of pencil in order to sketch their design. The pencils can vary in shape, precision and quality.

Certain pencils are easier to sketch with. When a pencil is used to sketch, it may need to be sharpened more often. Sketching pencils can be produced in many colors. Sketching pencils are typically gray. Gray sketching pencil are used all over the globe. Designers from all parts of the world can sketch their designs on paper. Sketching on paper allows the designer to create and express their ideas. When sketching pencils are purchased in a set, the designer can select which one to use.

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