Dr. Sameer Jejurikar ‘S Art of Restoring Beauty and Elegance

A youthful skin and elegant body boost your entire self-esteem. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a passionate and professional plastic surgeon. With a skillful art of reconstructing your breast, face and body contour. He has vast experience of over two decades as a cosmetic surgeon in Dallas. Besides, he is the award winner 2012 compassionate doctor certification.

He has a degree in medicine from the Michigan university school of medicine. He also has several certifications that include; The American board of plastic surgery, TX medical and MI state medical licenses. His quality work has earned him admission rights in several hospitals in Dallas including Dallas medical Center.

Dr. Sameer‘s clients are satisfied with his work and the outcome of surgery over time. That is why he is the winner of the prestigious Patient honor 2012. His patients believe that he observes infection control and does thorough assessments. Besides, they get better faster due to patient education.

The hospitals and insurance companies in Dallas are confident with his surgery. He empowers his clients through his blogs educating them about the current news in the area of cosmetic surgery. He has also made it possible for his clients to have several options of paying for their operations. They can pay cash or through insurance.

He believes you can still look as elegant as you age. It is possible to maintain a good stature by seeking by seeking cosmetic surgery and following his tips on skin and body care. He empowers himself with current surgical and medical skills to help maintain his competency. Besides, he is a member of the Institute of plastic surgery in Dallas.

Dr. Sameer is a surgeon with a touch, improving the cosmetic surgery portfolio by offering a variety of options to his clients. He values his patients and takes time to answer their questions and also address the misconception.

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