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Boraie Development to Build 168-Unit Shaq Tower at 1 Rocker Street, Newark

When individual or family members are looking for an apartment to settle, they consider where they will be going for shopping and any other facility that they may need, especially during emergency cases. This explains why you will find some families living in urban areas and especially in areas with different services such as medical facilities. These are some of the services that The Aspire, New Brunswick, New Jersey, provides to its occupants.

The Aspire Apartment, which is one of the most breathtaking architectural designs in this city, is directly adjacent to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital System. This is a Children’s Cancer facility that has other medical services that are available, especially when needed on emergency cases. If you feel that you have to settle near a medical facility, the Aspire Apartment is the place where you need to be. There are more than 235 residential units, which mean that you will be enjoying your neighborhood with other families.

In addition the number of residential units in this apartment, there are more than 10,000 square feet of retail. This means that the apartment will soon start having hotels, fast-food joints, stores, and other services such as barber shops. You don’t have to travel or drive several kilometers into the city center so that you can buy some fast-foods. The Aspire Apartment gives you an opportunity to enjoy everything tdhat you may need in a single roof.

Boraie Development, which is a real estate company that specializes in investing and marketing real estate properties in the urban centers, is behind the design and construction of the Aspire apartment. This architectural masterpiece has changed the fortunes of the company and more people want to be involved with this firm. One of the prominent individual who wants to work with Boraie Development is former NBA superstar, Shaquille O’Neil.

Shaquille O’Neil, the former basketball superstar turned real estate investor is interested in turning upside down for downtown Newark city, one of the major cities in New Jersey that has not experienced major infrastructure development in recent times. One of the projects that will start after the new partnership is a 168-unit apartment, which will be based at 1 Rector Street. The new apartment has already been nicknamed the Shaq Tower and is expected to be ready for occupation at the end of the year. Initial meetings between Boraie development, Shaquille, and New Jersey Gov. have already been held and the project has been given a green light.

Robert Deignan Dispenses Some Words of Wisdom

There is no doubt that it is difficult to create a business from the ground up and build successes as an entrepreneur. There exist a multitude of obstacles that one will encounter on the path of bringing an idea into the world, building a successful business on its back.

So, as an entrepreneur, wisdom is as indispensable as feasible capital in this world.

Fortunately for all those that are searching for actionable wisdom that can be applied within their own ventures, Robert Deignan has put together a list of tips that have helped him build his own successes within in his own life.

Before jumping into the words of wisdom, let’s spend a minute to discuss a bit about Robert Deignan.

Robert Deignan has found his success within life and helped co-found the successful company, ATS Digital Services. His organization has positioned itself as the leader of the sector, providing a wide range of IT solutions for companies across the world, billing itself as one stop shop for all things IT related.

With the practical knowledge gained through creating a company and building it into a success, Robert Deignan has gained some valuable insight into what is necessary to find success as an entrepreneur.

So, what piece of advice would Robert Deignan dispense on those looking to find success within their own entrepreneurial journeys?

Well, Robert Deignan states that one should follow their instinct within their decision making process. Far too often entrepreneurs will find themselves at a crossroads and often stall with fear of making the wrong decision, thus negatively impacting their future.

Robert Deignan offers the advice that one should follow their gut as more often than not, that initial response is the correct path to follow. It’s simply about identifying that initial response and utilizing that feeling to create a viable decision forward.

To build upon that idea, Robert Deignan states that often the decision making process can force entrepreneurs to make the fatal error of waiting to long or hesitating to make a move.

Though when following the gut, one can always be moving forward in a positive path.

Gino Pozzo – Watford FC

Gino Pozzo Is Making the Hornets Smile Again

Soccer fans all over the globe are used to the news of rich billionaires acquiring teams and investing millions in players and stadiums. For the Watford FC owner, that is not the case. Instead of bringing unlimited power of a fat wallet, he brought experience and footballing royalty to the club. He also came armed with a proven footballing strategy.

He learned from his legendary father who coincidentally owns a very successful club in Serie A, Udinese Calcio. When Gino Pozzo took over the reins at Watford football club, the team was drowning in debt and the mediocrity of division 4. His work was cut out. He wanted the club to play in the prestigious English Premier League.

In just four years, Watford FC was playing in the English top flight. That meant that it had consecutive promotions from League 2 to the Premier League. In just four years, the club has staked its claim in the league successfully. At no time have they looked like relinquishing their status in the league.

Gino Pozzo succeeded because he was able to immerse himself in the affairs of the club. He works hard to ensure that the club develops top talents. He understands that the modern game is purely commercial.

Although he loves the community, he knows that he cannot compete with other billionaires. He knows that good players are a product of strategic development.

He has also invested heavily in the club’s recruitment and management policy. If a manager does not carry the vision of the club, they part ways—though this rarely happens. In most cases, other clubs want to sign Watford managers.

Fans are enjoying an excellent spell thanks to Gino Pozzo. They can be sure that big sporting franchises such as Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham Hotspurs visit the Vicarage Stadium at least once every season.

Find out more about Gino:

Rick Cofer Community Initiatives

Rick Cofer is a criminal defense attorney in Travis County. Apart from his legal tasks that largely involve criminal cases and courtroom work, he is also heavily involved with his community of Austin, Texas and frequently sponsors events in their interests.

As an expert on legal nuances, Rick Cofer Law was active in environmental issues in the year of 2018, as was his community. In 2018, the state of Texas carried on a plastic bag ban where large retailers discontinued giving out single-use plastic bags for free. Soon after, him and his firm took part in healthcare issues where he sponsored healthcare events/programs that were targeted towards the LGBTQ community. His community involvements improved his reputation, and persistent with his law firm’s main mission.

As an experienced attorney, Rick Cofer helped on the ban by providing legal advice and his active efforts revolved around the issue of plastic littering and its legal involvement, he is also on the solid waste commission of Austin, Texas and carried an interest in conservatory movements. He quickly learned and found that the ban encouraged recycling, reusable bags, recyclable paper bags, and compost friendly plastic bags, The initiative was introduced and planned out in 2007. One year later, the city of Austin, Texas, city council took a volunteer decision to test out plastic bag reduction, and set an achievable goal within three month to reduce waste. As a result, the initiative failed and the decision to enforce a ban was favored upon assessing the activities of the city’s large retailers.

Several years later, in March 2013, the legal ban on plastic bags became official.

Another initiative Texas-based defense attorney, Rick Cofer took part in was the “Keep Austin Kind” initiative that involved the operation of “Kind Clinics” that offered health services to LQBTQ individuals. In October 2018, his law firm sponsored a Halloween ball to benefit the community and its healthcare needs, in addition to other sponsored events that allowed the communities to socialize. These events allowed the groups access to healthcare, self-love workshops and a place to interact with each other. To know more about Rick Cofer visit


Bagging the Austin Bag Ban, Rick Cofer Comments