Boraie Development to Build 168-Unit Shaq Tower at 1 Rocker Street, Newark

When individual or family members are looking for an apartment to settle, they consider where they will be going for shopping and any other facility that they may need, especially during emergency cases. This explains why you will find some families living in urban areas and especially in areas with different services such as medical facilities. These are some of the services that The Aspire, New Brunswick, New Jersey, provides to its occupants.

The Aspire Apartment, which is one of the most breathtaking architectural designs in this city, is directly adjacent to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital System. This is a Children’s Cancer facility that has other medical services that are available, especially when needed on emergency cases. If you feel that you have to settle near a medical facility, the Aspire Apartment is the place where you need to be. There are more than 235 residential units, which mean that you will be enjoying your neighborhood with other families.

In addition the number of residential units in this apartment, there are more than 10,000 square feet of retail. This means that the apartment will soon start having hotels, fast-food joints, stores, and other services such as barber shops. You don’t have to travel or drive several kilometers into the city center so that you can buy some fast-foods. The Aspire Apartment gives you an opportunity to enjoy everything tdhat you may need in a single roof.

Boraie Development, which is a real estate company that specializes in investing and marketing real estate properties in the urban centers, is behind the design and construction of the Aspire apartment. This architectural masterpiece has changed the fortunes of the company and more people want to be involved with this firm. One of the prominent individual who wants to work with Boraie Development is former NBA superstar, Shaquille O’Neil.

Shaquille O’Neil, the former basketball superstar turned real estate investor is interested in turning upside down for downtown Newark city, one of the major cities in New Jersey that has not experienced major infrastructure development in recent times. One of the projects that will start after the new partnership is a 168-unit apartment, which will be based at 1 Rector Street. The new apartment has already been nicknamed the Shaq Tower and is expected to be ready for occupation at the end of the year. Initial meetings between Boraie development, Shaquille, and New Jersey Gov. have already been held and the project has been given a green light.

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