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Things you need to know about Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard has grown his career as a global brand consultant. He has overseen the development and growth of many companies in various countries. His expertise in the field is also backed up with his skills in the sport. He likes athletics and he always supports people in the sport. In his business endeavors, the entrepreneur seeks to take his products closer to people and make them understand why they need to purchase them. Besides, he also continues to grow the brand in the firm he serves. His unique skills in helping firms increase sales through marketing and advertising is a kind gesture that he is a guru in the field and that he always knows what he wants.

Steve Lesnard believes that exploring different opportunities is a crucial factor when it comes to achieving success in business. He says that through diversity and engaging with different people with different cultures, a dedicated individual gets to learn many new things that he could apply in launching and running a business. He started his researches and explorations while he was still a young man at the university. The various countries he traveled to enabled him to get an insight into the things that he ought to focus on for his successes. Besides, he has learned to bridge all the gaps in the culture of various people. Through his sports passion, he has also learned what products to deliver to people.

Lesnard teaches other entrepreneurs not to assume that they know what their clients want, but rather focus on consulting them to understand their likes and dislikes fully. The successful individual is also keen on staying focused on the things he does. As a dream chaser, he always stays with his head high not to miss any lucrative opportunity that comes his way. He is a figure of admiration form many people and his skills have drawn many people closer to him. As a man loved by many, he has gained the confidence and courage to keep helping others accomplish all the plans they have about their careers as well as their lives.

Gulf Coast Western Tightens Its Grip on the United States Gulf Coast

Joint Ventures Company is a game changer in America’s Oil and Gas energy industry. Also known as Gulf Coast Western, LLC, the company employs its unmatched expertise and technological strategies. The company explores the United States gulf coast region in a big way. It specializes in areas that are not only well developed but also have the right geophysical and geographical combination.

According to the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Fleeger, Joint Ventures looks for the areas that have significant ROI, Return on Investment. Besides, Gulf Coast Western weighs on the risk factors that might hurt both the company and its business partners. Matthew admits that the success attained by the company over the years is not automatic. It depends on its integrity, honesty, respect, and trust towards its partners.

Gulf Coast Western has built a name for itself since it started operating 49 years ago. With its headquarters in Dallas, the company’s wings have spread to Colorado, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. Gulf Coast Western made a grand entrance in Southwest Louisiana through collaborating with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration Company. On the other hand, the latter had already acquired Orbit Energy Partners form Lafayette, Louisiana.

The collaboration was a boost to Gulf Western because it acquired the rights to explore 3D seismic data and a massive chunk of productive land. The deal saw the company have access to 140 drilling locations and 13 working wells in Southern Louisiana. Cumulatively, Gulf Western added about 30 million barrels of oil to its portfolio.

The collaboration with the two companies opened doors to the access of more than 1000 square miles of reserves. The areas covered include Beauregard, Evangeline, Acadia, Cameron, St. Landry Parishes, Allen, and Calcasieu. Gulf Coast Western has laid down procedures of engaging more with other partners in the industry for successful expansion strategies.

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Steve Ritchie writes an apology letter to Papa John’s customers

Steve Ritchie is the president and CEO of Papa John’s, a leading supplier of pizza in the world. Currently, the company is operating in 50 states in America and 45 different countries. For a company with such a large presence in the world, it means that its leader must have exceptional leadership skills to ensure that the millions of customers served by the company get the best products and services.

Papa John’s is working with over 120,000 corporate and franchisees. Even before he joined the company two decades ago, he owned Papa John’s pizza outlet. In 2006, he became a franchise. Steve Ritchie understands the challenges that the people at lower levels of the company operations go through and this is one factor that makes him a great leader. His priority is ensuring that the people at the bottom feel proud of the company. Customers and franchise owners need to understand that the company appreciates them.

Steve Ritchie wrote an apology letter to the customers of the company soon after taking up the mandate. He observed that there was a need to revamp customer’s confidence in the company. The apology letter was meant to show the customers that under his leadership, things would not be done the same way. He was ready to bring positive change that would make every employee happy with the activities of the company.

In his apology letter, Steve Ritchie started by appreciating that there some things that could have been wrong. He was ready to address them and restore the faith that the customers have placed in the company. He also implored the stakeholders to be supportive of the company’s initiatives since the company is bigger than the actions of any person. Not even the actions of the CEO should be allowed to dictate the future of the company. This is a company that employs thousands of people around the world and their future need not be jeopardized based on the utterances of one person who represents the company. Customers should support the company since it has a more important role to thousands of its beneficiaries.


Academy of Arts Sculpting

School of Fine Arts & Sculpture


The Academy of Arts University also has a world class program in Sculpturing. Tom Durham, the Director of the Sculpturing Department explains the sculpturing process as an “important personal expression,” where the student uses their imagination so that they can recreate something that is described as visual, but at the same time there is no image; in other words, it is totally up to the sculpture to bring about thru the material medium chosen, something that has never been seen or described, excepting their creation of in thin the sculpting studio. To sculpture, according to Director Tom Durham, is meant to “stimulate the imagination” toward self-expression. A person can only get the right image by thinking of a Michaelangelo or Rodin Statue. Michaelangelo once described a blank stone as already invisibly breathing the sculpture that he had artistically expressed in his mind and knew thru experience he could carry out in the blank stone.

A 3-Dimensional Process

Sculpturing is a three-dimensional space that a person makes a part of their life. One of AAUs students, Stephanie Schneider, says on the first day of working with sculpturing she knew she had “found her passion,” and so strong was this understanding that the same feeling encompassed her work whether she was working one hour or fifty hours on the same piece of sculpture.

Academy of Arts University

The Academy of Arts University AAU, established in 1929, is the oldest art schools in the United States.AAU is accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges/Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA)and California Teacher Credential(CTC)

AAU offers a variety of programs in Animation, Visual Effects, Film & TV, School of Fashion, and Architecture. Students upload their work to be shared on the AAU YouTube channel.