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Lori Senecal Believes in Positive Changes

As long as Lori Senecal knows what to do with a company and the employees who follow her, she can make more out of the different situations she deals with. It’s her goal to come up with these options and make things better for everyone in the industry. There were times when Lori Senecal struggled to make sure she could get the help that would provide her with positive opportunities. Based on the experience she had and the things she did with that experience, Lori Senecal knew what she needed to do to help other people. She also felt confident she could come up with positive options to give back to the community she became a huge part of. It made her see the way she could do things and the way she could make more out of the career options she had available to her. Thinking about these options allowed her to feel confident in herself and the business she ran. For more details visit Crunchbase.


There were times when it was difficult for Lori Senecal to do things that would continue helping her. There were also times when she had to show other people they needed someone who could make the most out of different situations. Based on how hard Lori Senecal worked, she knew she could make things better for everyone in the industry. She had a lot of time that she spent coming up with positive experiences and opportunities that would help her see the success she could use in the future. Check out for more.



As long as Senecal knew how to help, she could do more to give back to other people. It made her feel confident in herself and in the things she did with herself. No matter how hard Lori Senecal worked, she pushed to make sure everything would get better. She also pushed so she could do more to help people see what they would get out of all the situations she dealt with. By looking at these opportunities, Lori Senecal gave herself the experience that would allow her to keep getting better with her own career and opportunities.



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Southridge Capital Provides Support For Clients And The Community

Southridge Capital offers both structured and advisory finance for public business entities and is dedicated to facilitating the needs of clients with a full suite of cutting-edge business solutions.


The core executive team for Southridge Capital is a source of pride and has a profound understanding of the marketplace. The executive team also works tirelessly until executing the financial plans set forth for clients.


Southridge Capital has financed the operations of over 250 companies and has personally invested $1.8 billion in the growth of companies around the world since 1996.


The advisory services offered by the company includes highly detailed financial analysis and the optimization of balance sheets. Services provided by the company in regards to mergers and acquisitions involve efforts on the part of Southridge to identify potential merger candidates that operate in a manner that will be attractive to current clients.


The founding principal of Southridge Capital, Stephen M. Hicks, says that his inspiration the company came from an experience he had while working for a hedge fund in New York City. Hicks explains that the principal for the company he was working for decided to return to his native Australia and at this time Hicks began to think it was time to run his own operation. Check out



Stephen Hicks and wife, Mary also began the Daystar Foundation which supports a variety of non-profit organizations. Hicks, who is also the chief executive officer at Southridge, has carried this philanthropy over to his leadership of the company and assures that Southridge meets all expectations for what Hicks feels to be their social responsibility. For more details visit Bloomberg.


The team at Southridge demonstrates their desire to be of service to their community with both formal and informal philanthropic activities. Team members of Southridge promote volunteer efforts, community activity, and charitable giving as means to strengthen the position of the firm while affecting a positive impact on their own community as well as society as a whole.


Southridge Capital has also worked in tandem with the Daystar Foundation to provide financial support for companies like the Ridgefield Fountain Landmark, Save A Child’s Heart Foundation, Lounsbury House, and many more.



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Marc Sparks’s Advice on Getting Financial Loans While Selling Products

Not all entrepreneurs that are getting financial assistance are those that are starting their company up. As a matter of fact, an entrepreneur does not have to be starting off to get loans. There are some venture capitalists that prefer to lend money to established companies because they are a much safer investment than companies that are just starting off. Often, they are the companies that just need money for advertising and reaching more customers so that their company can gain more profits. Marc Sparks has advice for people who already have sales in their company for how they can get loans from venture capitalists.

For people that already use sales, Marc Sparks advises them to use the data of their sales for the products that are already on the market. Of course the capitalists will look at the sales and factor in various things such as the frequency of the sales in order to determine whether it is worth lending and how much to lend ( One thing that venture capitalists are looking for are products that are in demand. Therefore, it is important for entrepreneurs to have as much data as they can to show that their products are selling.

Once all of the data is acquired, then Marc Sparks advise that entrepreneurs work on their presentation so that they will be able to convince the capitalists to give them some kind of consideration on giving out their loans. One of the reasons that venture capitalists look at presentation is that it shows where the entrepreneur is when it comes to creativity and work ethic. An entrepreneur that puts effort into his presentation is going to be more convincing than someone who is very lazy in his approach. It shows that the entrepreneur believes in his business and what he is offering.