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Summer Reading Programs in New York

Sandy Chin is known as a very highly successful portfolio manager. She knows how to organize, maintain and how to get things done. She started working at PS11, a public elementary school situated on the West Side in New York City as soon as she felt her need there. Reading the books in summer was a need for kids but for some families, purchasing those books is a financial burden. William T. Harris School is also known as PS11 that proudly assists and serves a varied group of students to manage two low-income household projects in this school. Sandy Chin acknowledged the solution that was needed.


In reading skills, a summer slide is experienced by many children over the summer as other activities trump the reading load normally which students face during the year. If we focus on some other cases, we will observe that children may not be interested in reading at all over the summer as they don’t have any access to books. Also sometimes they are not even encouraged to read at all. Many children can begin to forget what they’ve learnt at school during the year as the summer break is a long time break of three months for kids. It’s common in children to slip back in an entire reading grade level who don’t give attention to reading over the summer break. This is not a problem for Sandy Chin’s son who attended the PS11 in New York City as he got access to plenty sources of books and also impatient to spend time at the local libraries in the neighborhood.


Summer reading programs have been initiated in many libraries to keep children busy in reading over the summer. Though, many parents and their children don’t get a chance to visit the library. It’s good to have a book of your own as you can re-read, touch, and keep re-using it whenever you want. Many children have a special affinity for books as they love to read so; they provide meticulous care to their books. They love to keep books close to their hearts like their toys or stuffed animals.


Rocketship Education Believes in Helping Students

Ever since Rocketship Education first started, they’ve done things that actually help students learn instead of trying to just make them take tests and deal with learning in that way. They focus on different approaches and what they can do to make a difference for students. Since they do this, they know they can make things better for all the students they work with. The company also knows how important it is to provide students with a learning environment they can actually benefit from. Rocketship Education knows what it means to help and isn’t afraid to give students other ways they can learn. For Rocketship Education, the point of making sure they can help people is so they don’t have to worry about what they’re going to do to help students in the future. They want to give them the tools they need now so they don’t struggle later on in life.

Rocketship Education is a California-based company. They are progressive in that they provide students with a different learning environment than traditional public schools. The schools are great because they have immersive learning experiences and other things that might make it easier for students to get more from the opportunities they have. The company also knows how to use innovation to come up with positive solutions no matter what issues students have or what they’re doing to combat any of the difficult areas of learning. It’s necessary for Rocketship Education to continue offering this style of learning so more students have the right options to make their own lives better.

Even though Rocketship Education is part of the public school system in all the areas they’re in, they’re so much more than a public school. In fact, charter schools are more like private schools in that they give attention to issues students have instead of making it harder for them to get the options they need. Rocketship Education also knows the importance of making sure they can help students in a way that private schools do. Overall, Rocketship Education provides a better education and social experience for students in attendance.