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Jeunesse Gives Back to the Community

Few companies are focused on sustainability. Most business leaders are only focused on increasing sales and profits. Jeunesse is one of the leading companies in the health industry. In the past few years, the growth at Jeunesse has been incredible. The company sells dozens of health products that customers enjoy. The company has customers in numerous places around the world.

One of the biggest reasons that customers enjoy working with Jeunesse is the company’s commitment to helping others. Jeunesse only uses factories that pass arduous testing requirements. The company continually looks for ways to reduce carbon emissions. Jeunesse also donates a percentage of sales to various charities.

Employee Morale

Jeunesse is a successful company for multiple reasons. Not only does the company offer exceptional products, but it also gives employees amazing benefits. The turnover rate at Jeunesse is among the lowest in the industry. Jeunesse does not have to spend a lot of time or money hiring new workers.

The employee benefits at Jeunesse are also fantastic. The company offers unlimited vacation days and a generous health insurance plan.


Living a healthy lifestyle is a challenge for millions of people. Few people are comfortable with how they look and feel. Purchasing products from Jeunesse is an excellent way to improve a person’s diet. The company offers healthy snacks and smoothies that are nutritious and tasty.

The product development team at Jeunesse is continually testing new products. In the coming years, the company expects to release dozens of new products.

Investing in Jeunesse

Another positive aspect about Jeunesse is that it offers a direct selling program that people can join. Jeunesse wants the members of the program to have success selling products to other people. Jeunesse even offers financing options for people who are having trouble making the initial investment. With a strong commitment to customer service, Jeunesse is expected to thrive in the future.

Josh Smith & His Modular Green House Revolution

Reno, Nevada, is home to one of the country’s most ingenious individuals and this person is known as Josh Smith. Smith is a businessman through and through. HeĀ is known to be a serial entrepreneur and that speaks volumes. On top of that, he has worked in numerous fields of work. The guy is simply well-rounded, but he has a heart of gold. Smith has a purpose to help as many people as he truly can. One of the best ways to achieve this is with organic food. If you don’t have good health then you don’t have anything. Unfortunately, too many people fall under this scenario, but there is a more progressive way of getting your health back on track.

Josh Smith’s organization is in the position to implement greenhouses into the educational system. This means that greenhouses and gardens could be inserted right on the campuses of many schools. You have to give children a fighting chance and this Reno, Nevada, native is on a one-man mission of doing so. Have you ever heard of modular green houses? Well, Joshua Smith is the creator of these innovative structures. His eco-socio mission is also shared by other like-minded professionals. These people use tried and true methods to reach a common goal. As the old saying goes, “less is more.” This notion rings true as the modular greenhouses can produce great results while taking up fewer square footage.

On top of that, the greenhouses will be equipped with innovative smart applications. These applications can run on auto-pilot if need be. Any sensor or device can be connected with the apps. You can view the greenhouse via monitoring, and you can control fans and heaters inside of the greenhouses without ever being there. The future is now and Joshua Smith of Reno, Nevada, is making it happen.

Marc Sparks’s Advice on Getting Financial Loans While Selling Products

Not all entrepreneurs that are getting financial assistance are those that are starting their company up. As a matter of fact, an entrepreneur does not have to be starting off to get loans. There are some venture capitalists that prefer to lend money to established companies because they are a much safer investment than companies that are just starting off. Often, they are the companies that just need money for advertising and reaching more customers so that their company can gain more profits. Marc Sparks has advice for people who already have sales in their company for how they can get loans from venture capitalists.

For people that already use sales, Marc Sparks advises them to use the data of their sales for the products that are already on the market. Of course the capitalists will look at the sales and factor in various things such as the frequency of the sales in order to determine whether it is worth lending and how much to lend ( One thing that venture capitalists are looking for are products that are in demand. Therefore, it is important for entrepreneurs to have as much data as they can to show that their products are selling.

Once all of the data is acquired, then Marc Sparks advise that entrepreneurs work on their presentation so that they will be able to convince the capitalists to give them some kind of consideration on giving out their loans. One of the reasons that venture capitalists look at presentation is that it shows where the entrepreneur is when it comes to creativity and work ethic. An entrepreneur that puts effort into his presentation is going to be more convincing than someone who is very lazy in his approach. It shows that the entrepreneur believes in his business and what he is offering.