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Fabletics Focusing on Customers Preferences for Better Sales

Fabletics has emerged as an athleisure brand that truly understands the new age consumers. The modern consumers are not only after the high-street brands that offer quality products at exorbitant prices but brands that offers absolute value for money. Fabletics has been able to penetrate the market in a very well-coordinated manner by first researching on the product line and design that are in discussion in social media and developing such products that would impress the potential customers. The company has a solid team of marketing and design specialists who work in conjunction to understand the requirements of the target audience and develop the product accordingly to ensure they not only love the products but can afford it as well.


Kate Hudson, who has been an integral part of the success journey of Fabletics as one of the co-owners, said that the company is evolving at a rapid pace and grow simultaneously by focusing on customers’ requirements. The company understands that any brand that is static in its approach wouldn’t be desirable for long by the consumers and staying dynamic is the only way out of such stagnancy. It is why the company has been launching many different varieties, styles, and designs of products for its consumers. Fabletics believes that keeping track of what is happening in social media and the products that are liked or disliked by the consumers would help the company many instantaneous decisions, which would help in keeping the sales figures up. It would also ensure that the company doesn’t disappoint its customers who expect Fabletics to deliver, going by its track record.


Fabletics has been able to offer such satisfying consumer experience solely on its focus on the new age technology. The retail technology available these days help the company gather data from every aspect of its existence, whether it is social media, sales figures from stores, the feedback of the consumers, and more. The accumulation of such data helps in figuring out the customers’ preferences that in turn, makes it easier for the brand to forward the products that are liked by the customers. It also helps in ensuring the customer experience is smoothened with time to perfection, and any and all loopholes are eliminated in the process. The reverse showroom technique adopted by Fabletics has also been a hit with the customers, and currently, Fabletics has nearly 30 stores worldwide, with most of them in the United States.