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Business Advisors 101: Madison Street Capital

When it comes to being involved in mergers and acquisitions, this is a position that requires insights, vision, and the ability to serve the interests of both parties involved. As the strategic go-between in the middle of some of the most lucrative mergers and acquisitions, Madison Street Capital has set the standard for what it means to be an advisor in the world of business today.

In the merger between DCG Software Value and the Spitfire Group, Madison Street Capital served as the engine that facilitated such interaction. Madison Street Capital saw that DCG Software Value provided analysis and software value management services while realizing the value in Spitfire group, who is a business-oriented technology consulting firm. Madison Street Capital was able to provide the services as being a financial advisor in the midst of such exceptional organizations. Although both companies have exceptional management teams already, the excellence and ingenuity of Madison Street Capital were a wise choice to act as the go-between. DCG Software Value is a global provider of software services. While maintaining a corporate office in the United States, DCG Software Value has a European corporate office as well. This is very indicative of a global presence. The Spitfire Group specializes in business and technology consulting. When it comes to increasing performance at all levels of your industry, The Spitfire group has a dedicated team of professionals that will assist you in such ambitions

What must be understood is that Madison Street Capital offers their services to publicly and privately held businesses. Madison Street Capital reputation is pristine. Whether it’s advising in matters of finance, financial opinions, or simply mergers and acquisitions, Madison Street Capital is committed to high performance with ultimate success in sight. From working with some of the world’s most noted companies, Madison Street Capital has definitely set a standard in the world of business today and there are many clients who are the benefactors of Madison Street Capital. The efforts of Madison Street Capital doesn’t stop there. As being heavily involved in relief efforts dedicated to helping those who have been devastated by natural disasters Madison Street Capital has teamed up with the United Way in order to provide such help to communities and individuals affected by the unexpected twists of nature. This is another excellent example of putting forth a dedicated effort in assisting and helping communities received the assistance that is desperately needed after being devastated by natural disasters.

In conclusion, Madison Street Capital has helped foster a very beneficial arrangement between DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group. Success in the future is the only result between these two organizations. Thanks to the involvement of Madison Street Capital, success is that much more attainable.


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