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Gregory James Aziz Drives National Steel Car To New Heights

1National Steel Car has grown from a simple idea built in the early 1900s to a global entity that has become the largest producer of steel railway cars in North America. National Steel Car specifically produces railroad cars that are created to move freight throughout North America. The company is the result of a joint venture by twelve prominent businessmen in Hamilton, Ontario. At the time the company was founded, the railroad business was growing at an incredibly rapid pace. It was the equivalent of today’s tech boom. The businessmen saw Hamilton as the perfect place to bring Canada into the realm of building railroad cars and also decided to focus specifically on freight cars.


One hundred years later National Steel Car has flourished. The company is not only the largest producer of railroad cars designed for freight in North America, but it is also a worldwide leader. National Steel Car is globally recognized for the quality of the railcars built by the company as well as providing a level of customer service that can’t be matched in the industry. Quality and customer service are two items that National Steel Car’s leadership puts above all else.


Gregory James Aziz leads National Steel Car as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He joined the company more than two decades ago. How he came into a leadership capacity is actually an interesting story and a testament to his skills as a business leader. He was working as an investment banker in New York City and National Steel Car was one of his clients. During the time he worked with them they became so highly impressed by James Aziz that they eventually asked him to take on a leadership role with National Steel Car. He accepted, and Gregory James Aziz and his leadership team have built the company into the entity that it has become today.

James Aziz believes that a strong team produces the best quality of products and becomes a leader in the industry. In fact, over just four short years he grew the company’s employee base from 600 people to nearly 3,000 people. The investment in employment paid off handsomely in terms of company growth. During the same four years, National Steel Car went from producing around 3,500 steel freight cars each year to more than 12,000 steel railway cars. This growth led to National Steel Car becoming the largest producer of steel railway freight cars in all of North America. See This Page for additional information.


Sameer Jejurikar, a Physician with a Passionate Heart Both To His Patients and To The Community

Dr. Sameer is a plastic surgeon who operates in multiple hospitals in the Texas region including the Pine Creek Medical Center and Dallas Medical Center, where he is among nine and six specialties in these centers respectively. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has over 15 years of experience in the medical field. He is an alumnus of University of Michigan Medical School where he received his medical degree.


He is very committed to his work and provides his clients with the recent and most innovative procedures to their reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery needs. He tries to meet his patients demands whether they want to look younger or may they need to change their looks entirely. Dr. Sameer understands that each patient is different and that is why he provides custom-made services to each one of them. Some of his works in the cosmetic field include facelifts, rhinoplasty, liposuction, mommy makeover, tummy tuck and breast augmentation.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has a blog where he writes about his work on what’s trending, safe surgery, how patients should handle themselves after the surgery for complete and quick healing, skin care, facts about breast implants, among others.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has a caring heart, not only for his patients but also for the community at large. Whether is around the world or locally, he feels humbled and blessed to help those in need. He has taken part in some medical missions, among them, a yearly trip to assist impoverished kids in Bangladesh.


This Dallas based physician is ranked among the best doctors in the country. He was among the few doctors who were awarded the coveted Compassionate Doctor Certification back in the year 2012. This award is granted to those practitioners with a near perfect score as voted by the patients. Of the almost 900,000 active doctors, only a mere 3% were given this award back in 2012.


Betsy DeVos Has Political Determination

President Donald Trump recently revoked a federal policy that enabled transgendered students to access restrooms at educational institutions that were in line with their personal feelings about their sexes. Betsy DeVos is the name of his education secretary. She had a discussion with an Education Department employee not long before that. This employee was in charge of speaking for transgendered and gay workers. DeVos’ goal was to make sure the employee was fully aware of Trump’s plan. An assistant told the worker that DeVos was 100 percent against Trump’s path. Despite that, the difference in opinion was in no way, shape or form apparent or obvious to others. DeVos was present when the President revealed the brand new policy. She informed the yearly Conservative Political Action Conference about older federal rules, too. She stated that these guidelines signified Obama’s excessive attempts.


There are many people who have witnessed DeVos’ actions with the passing of time. She’s been a tireless spokesperson for school vouchers and charter schools alike. She used to be a chairwoman of the Michigan Republican party as well. She was even a significant Republican party donor. People who are familiar with DeVos do not want anyone else to view her in a light that’s not accurate. They believe that she’ll never be a timid part of President Trump’s team. She appears to be accommodating while she’s in front of the cameras. That doesn’t mean, however, that she doesn’t speak her mind when the rest of the world isn’t around to see. DeVos is the kind of person who appears to be cordial regardless of the tough circumstances that are right in front of her at the moment. Michigan natives consider DeVos to be an eager and capable individual. She has a zeal for political matters that’s impossible for anyone else to dismiss. DeVos hails from Michigan.


DeVos was born in the winter of 1958 in Holland, Michigan. “Prince” is her maiden name. She has a Dutch cultural background. She’s the daughter of a man who was known as Edgar Prince. This industrialist passed away back in March of 1995. Edgar established The Prince Corporation. This corporation was a prominent company that specialized in all types of automotive components. It was headquartered in Holland.


DeVos is an alumnus of Holland Christian High School. She’s happily married to a man named Dick. He has a commitment to political matters, too.


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