Jana Lightspeed: Enterprises for Success with Lightspeed Venture Partners

Jana Lightspeed works in conjunction with other employees, interns and partners for the unique partnership she is affiliated with. When a designer decides to explore fashion, they may begin manufacturing jackets. In order for a jacket to be created, it must be sketched first. Once the jacket is sketched, it should be checked for further details. When further details are added to the sketch, the designer may alter the overall design. When the sketch is completed, the designer may need to copy the design onto a computer. When the sketch has been transferred to the computer, they can save the file. In order to save the computer file, the designer must retrieve the initial file full of important information.

Jana Lightspeed

When the file is retrieved through the network, they can view the document. The designer may want to re-sketch the design. The designer has to retrieve their sketching paper. The designer’s sketching paper may be located in a drawer. Most art supplies is stored in a desk. Once the designer retrieves the sketching paper from their desk, they will need to find their pencils. Designers can use more than one type of pencil in order to sketch their design. The pencils can vary in shape, precision and quality.

Certain pencils are easier to sketch with. When a pencil is used to sketch, it may need to be sharpened more often. Sketching pencils can be produced in many colors. Sketching pencils are typically gray. Gray sketching pencil are used all over the globe. Designers from all parts of the world can sketch their designs on paper. Sketching on paper allows the designer to create and express their ideas. When sketching pencils are purchased in a set, the designer can select which one to use.

Summer Reading Programs in New York

Sandy Chin is known as a very highly successful portfolio manager. She knows how to organize, maintain and how to get things done. She started working at PS11, a public elementary school situated on the West Side in New York City as soon as she felt her need there. Reading the books in summer was a need for kids but for some families, purchasing those books is a financial burden. William T. Harris School is also known as PS11 that proudly assists and serves a varied group of students to manage two low-income household projects in this school. Sandy Chin acknowledged the solution that was needed.


In reading skills, a summer slide is experienced by many children over the summer as other activities trump the reading load normally which students face during the year. If we focus on some other cases, we will observe that children may not be interested in reading at all over the summer as they don’t have any access to books. Also sometimes they are not even encouraged to read at all. Many children can begin to forget what they’ve learnt at school during the year as the summer break is a long time break of three months for kids. It’s common in children to slip back in an entire reading grade level who don’t give attention to reading over the summer break. This is not a problem for Sandy Chin’s son who attended the PS11 in New York City as he got access to plenty sources of books and also impatient to spend time at the local libraries in the neighborhood.


Summer reading programs have been initiated in many libraries to keep children busy in reading over the summer. Though, many parents and their children don’t get a chance to visit the library. It’s good to have a book of your own as you can re-read, touch, and keep re-using it whenever you want. Many children have a special affinity for books as they love to read so; they provide meticulous care to their books. They love to keep books close to their hearts like their toys or stuffed animals.




Jeunesse Global Is Helping People Improve Mental Power with M1ND Supplement

Mental decline affects hundreds of millions of people as they age. However, there are a number of people who are actually seeing their mental powers improve, as they age, with a unique liquid supplement. That supplement, M1ND, is another innovative product developed and distributed by global health and wellness company Jeunesse Global.

Unique and Power Proven Ingredients

M1ND is a unique mental support supplement that is packed with two powerful ingredients proven to support memory and reduce mental distraction. These ingredients include Silk protein hydrolysate has been clinically shown to improve memory in group testing and L-Theanine has been shown to reduce mental distraction in multiple group tests.

Clinical Testing

In group testing, M1ND has been show, in group testing, to improve memory by 17% with a 200mg dose and over 25% with a 400mg dose. In the word recollection testing, M1ND has been shown to improve results by 15% with a 200mg dose and over 20% with a 400mg dose. Finally, in cognitive function tests, M1ND has been shown to improve results by 18% with a 200mg dose and over 25% with a 400mg dose.

Easy to Use

M1ND is an easy to use supplement that you can add to any meal. Each packet of M1ND contains one ounce of the liquid supplement. You can then mix this supplement in a glass of water and enjoy with every meal. Therefore, it is easy for anyone to integrate M1ND supplement into their everyday meal. Finally, M1ND comes in handy single serve packet that can be taken anywhere and enjoyed on the go.

About Jeunesse Global

For over a decade, Jeunesse Global has been selling a number of innovative health and wellness products. Some of the products sold by the company include AM/PM Essentials, Naara Collagen Supplement, RVL Hair Care Products, NEVO Energy Drinks and the Zen Bodi Weight Management System. These products are distributed by a worldwide network of independent distributors. As the company enters its next decade of operation, Jeunesse Global will seek to further innovate the health and wellness space.


Igor Cornelsen Worldwide Investor

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investor who has made excellent business decisions throughout his career. He is considered one of the leading investment minds in Brazil. He is excited about the future of his country, and he donates a lot of money to charities in Brazil.

Early Life

Igor was born to low-income parents in Brazil. When he was born, the economy in Brazil was in shambles. Not only was unemployment high, but the entire banking industry was about to collapse. His parents worked menial jobs to provide for their children. Although his parents worked hard, they never had enough for their kids.

Igor decided to attend college to provide a better life for his future family. He never wanted to struggle with money. He worked multiple jobs while he was in college to pay for the tuition costs. Although it was stressful, Igor finally graduated with a degree in business.

First Corporate Job

After graduating, Igor started working at one of the largest corporations in Brazil. He moved to a large city and rented a small apartment. He received multiple promotions early in his career. Instead of moving to a better apartment, he saved the vast majority of his income. Igor decided to use his extra money to make various investments.


Igor purchased an investment home and rented it to tenants. He earned income from the house each month, and he decided to continue the process of real estate investing. A decade later, Igor had amassed dozens of homes throughout Brazil.

He started making massive investments in various companies. Although some of the investments failed, he made a ton of money on many of the investments. He could easily retire, but he enjoys working and making a difference in the lives of others. He plans to continue financing companies for the foreseeable future.

The excellent business-oriented mind of Louis Chenevert

Born in 1958 in Montreal, Quebec, Louis Chenevert is one of Canada leading businessmen and is among the most impressive businessmen around the world today. Louis Chenevert while a renowned name today got his start in the real world much like any of us. He earned a BBA degree in production management from HEC Montreal 1979 and began his career at General Motors. His 14-year tenure at General Motors led to him eventually being promoted to the post of general production manager before leaving to work for Pratt and Whitney Canada in the year 1993. After a tenure of 6 years at Pratt and Whitney Canada, Louis Chenevert managed to climb to the position of the president of the company by the year 1999. His most prominent achievement, however, occurred after he joined United Technologies in 2006 and became their CEO in 2008 and topped it by becoming chairman of the board of the company in January the year 2010.

Experience collected through an impressive career allows Louis Chenevert to be a good authority in the world of business and someone to pay attention to when he’s serving wisdom. In his recent advice for the businessmen and women of the world, Louis Chenevert told them that if you are looking to boost your business one of the most effective ways of doing that is by investing in your current employees instead getting someone from outside to come in for any important new position that you open up and spending lots of time training the newbie to the ins and outs of the company that your current employees would already be aware of. You would already be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your current employees and hence will be able to determine what kind of work they will be able to handle and what kind they would not.

Most importantly the prospect of promotions will give all the other employees a new incentive to work harder and remain at the company longer. Other ways in which you can invest in your employees is by providing better working environments, rewarding the hard workers, providing financial support to your employees and making the team out of them rather than letting them work individually.


Robert Deignan: Sharing His Entrepreneurial Knowledge on Customer Service Value

Contrary to that of any other aspiring professional who may only ponder about their future endeavors, Robert Deignan possessed the willpower to not only pursue, but to fulfill his passions and entrepreneurial objectives. His childhood upbringing in his hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida as a devout football player is what ultimately opened doors to educational opportunities that eventually nurtured his passion for business. Following his graduation from Purdue University in 1995 with a degree in Business Management, Robert Deignan made it a priority to first accomplish his lifelong desire to play professional football. Nevertheless, out of sheer passion, Deignan pushed himself to have the privilege to play in the NFL for the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets for a period that lasted from 1997 to 1998.


Moreover, after Deignan felt that he had reached his professional objectives in the sport of football, he chose to move on to his second interest at heart—business. Upon delving into entrepreneurship with the debut of his first project (Fanlink, Inc.) and his authoritative role as Executive Vice President for (iS3) for nine years, Deignan formulated solutions and strategies that furthered prepared him for the successful development of ATS Digital Services in 2011. The Boca Raton, Florida based company was co-founded by Robert Deignan to fill the void of convenience in the customer service industry by applying the use screen-sharing technology to remotely resolve customer’s technical issues with their computer devices. As CEO, Robert Deignan assures that customer satisfaction and trust will forever remain the number one concern for the company whereby such implementation has allowed the company to receive global recognition through its app certification.


Therefore, with the success of his company in play, Robert Deignan has endowed the right to provide business advice. According to Deignan, SaaS companies should uphold the importance of customer service investment above all other companies because they need to maintain an excellent company-customer relationship for the sake of maintaining their business profit. As related by Deignan, SaaS companies don’t make a direct profit form their products because they actually have an intangible service to market that is only made valuable to the company if customers remain with the company for a long period of time. For SaaS companies, Deignan mentions that the smartest thing to do would be to build the company’s brand around a quality investment in excellent customer service.



Vijay Eswaran – The CEO of QI Group

Vijay Eswaran is a great figure with great recognition all over the world. He is one of the most successful individuals in India. He is the leader of the QI Group where he serves as its Executive Chairman. QI Group has interests in global e-commerce sections that incorporates corporate investments, collectibles, education, wellness, and telecommunications. Vijay Eswaran operates right from Hong Kong which is the conglomerate that has connections to Texas and many offices all over the world. Dr. Eswaran has gained vast and diverse experience that shaped him to a highly committed leader as well as a philanthropist. Vijay Eswaran has a philosophy directed towards the current life and conditions that help to maintain his focus in future rather than in the past or distant future. Dr. Vijay has great respect and acknowledgment for achievements and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and continuous to guide his business path, philanthropic endeavors, and personal pursuits.

Vijay Eswaran always starts his day with a moment of silence which provides him balance that helps him to direct all his energy on various activities that occupy some of his time. The manner in which he handles his life shows his respect for St. Thomas, Nelson Mandela, and Gandhi. Thomas and Vijay acknowledge the peacefulness of their habit. Vijay Eswaran identifies that most of the features of the body come in twos as the majesty of the human form that increases his acknowledgments of silence. The mouth has the only way to make use of words. Dr. Eswaran tends to think that this required less power than it usually gets. The purpose of a pair of eyes and ears gives a person a way to see and hear without speaking. Vijay Eswaran thinks that this capability helps to advance human life. When he was working as IBM system engineer in the United States, Eswaran learned that Americans are fond of talking.

Rocketship Education Believes in Helping Students

Ever since Rocketship Education first started, they’ve done things that actually help students learn instead of trying to just make them take tests and deal with learning in that way. They focus on different approaches and what they can do to make a difference for students. Since they do this, they know they can make things better for all the students they work with. The company also knows how important it is to provide students with a learning environment they can actually benefit from. Rocketship Education knows what it means to help and isn’t afraid to give students other ways they can learn. For Rocketship Education, the point of making sure they can help people is so they don’t have to worry about what they’re going to do to help students in the future. They want to give them the tools they need now so they don’t struggle later on in life.

Rocketship Education is a California-based company. They are progressive in that they provide students with a different learning environment than traditional public schools. The schools are great because they have immersive learning experiences and other things that might make it easier for students to get more from the opportunities they have. The company also knows how to use innovation to come up with positive solutions no matter what issues students have or what they’re doing to combat any of the difficult areas of learning. It’s necessary for Rocketship Education to continue offering this style of learning so more students have the right options to make their own lives better.

Even though Rocketship Education is part of the public school system in all the areas they’re in, they’re so much more than a public school. In fact, charter schools are more like private schools in that they give attention to issues students have instead of making it harder for them to get the options they need. Rocketship Education also knows the importance of making sure they can help students in a way that private schools do. Overall, Rocketship Education provides a better education and social experience for students in attendance.


Shafik Sachedina: A Key Player In The Medical Industry

Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s leadership has inspired the newly born day care and awareness of the broad bridge health care community in western Sussex. Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s leadership has helped to expand the health of the health sector and to provide custody of the hundred inhabitants. Shafik Sachedina not only plays an important role in the education of the Ismaili community, but also in the health care sector.

After being employed for Aga Khan and Jamati institutions, he became interested in the health care industry. Sachedina is also responsible for the interface between the institutions belonging to the Ismaili social group in the center of Asian countries and the evolution programs for the Aga Khan network. Learn more about Shafik Sachedina at angel.co.

Programs with the National Neurology Hospital in Queens, the real estate clinic for Neurological diseases, and Saint Thomas have given health care personnel with the highest education. Sussex is the largest supplier of health care in the region, with more than 580 living arrangements.

When Dr. Shafik was still serving in several health centers, he became particularly interested in the development of the health care industry. Shafik has worked as the leader of the Jamati agency’s department, where his primary task was to coordinate the activity and programs of Ismaili’s community. In addition to working in the health care sector in Sussex, Shafik Sachedina has a remarkable career in the dentistry.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a very respected person in society, particularly among the members of the Ismaili community. Sachedina’s activities in the health care sector have gathered significant awards from professional health care agencies.

Born in 1950 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; Dr. Sachedina is now one of the most famous dental surgeons throughout Europe. Shafik Sachedina plays an important role in the Aga Khan’s evolution net, as well as Ismaili Muslim Community. The most important thing about Dr. Sachedina’s efforts with the Jamati and Aga Khan, is that he does not receive a fee, but he is contributing his charitable work.

Read more: https://www.behance.net/ShafikSachedina


Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Dig Deep As Musicians To Bring Their Fans New Styles Of Music

Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers has been very open since him and his partner has risen to fame. They are constantly in the media and doing interviews, like many other celebrities, but they have always stayed transparent about their goals and what is going on with their lives. Alex and Andrew were both DJ’s before they landed in the Chainsmokers, though they had to have normal 9 to 5 jobs in order to make a living at the time. While they always dreamed of making it big, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart never thought it was truly possible till they started working together.

Alex and Andrew have always focused on improving their work and creating new sounds for their fans, which is another reason they write all their own songs. According to Alex Pall, he and his partner want to be real and give their fans someone to relate to, instead of talking about being famous and rich in most of their songs.

Alex Pall always knew he wanted to focus on his music career since he wasn’t happy with his other job at the time and could only think about his music throughout the day. Alex revealed in an interview that Andrew wasn’t his first partner in the Chainsmokers and in fact, his first partner ended up quitting. It took Alex’s manager stepping in to finally bring Alex and Andrew together, as both of them were working at clubs throughout their city DJ’ing.

The Chainsmokers have gone on to break several records and be named one of the hottest artists in the EDM genre of the past decade. Recently, the Chainsmokers had one of their first major songs reach Diamond status in just two years time, along with their collaborator on the song, Halsey. There is much more to come for Alex Pall as part of the Chainsmokers and they are excited to bring something new to their fans along with new collaborations from today’s biggest musicians.