Hussain Sajwani Contributions to the Property Development Market in Dubai

Hussain Sajwani started his career with GASCO, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company as a contracts manager. He worked in that capacity for a short period and ventured out to start a catering venture. 1982 marked the start of a modest beginning. Since then, the catering venture has grown to manage over 200 projects. Additionally, they serve over 150,000 meals on a daily basis. The catering venture has opened its business in Africa, Middle East, and CIS. Also, the company offers catering services to construction sites, army camps, educational institutions, onshore and offshore locations just to mention but a few.


In 1990, Sajwani pioneered the expansion of the property market in UAE. Hussain identified an influx of business-people and tourist visiting Dubai. Consequently, he built several hotels to accommodate the growing population. After Dubai government allowed foreigners to own property in the country, Hussain Sajwani went to invest heavily in property development. Consequently, DAMAC Properties was born. Today, DAMAC Properties has grown to become the largest development institution in the Middle East. Sajwani expertise in marketing, sales, and legal finance has proven to be a key driver to the success of DAMAC Properties.


Hussain Sajwani has ties with the current president of the United States, Donald Trump. Their friendship dates back before Donald went into politics. On the eve of 2017, Hussain and Trump spent the day together. They have partnered in the development of Trump International Golf Club. The project racked up sales amounting to an estimated $2 billion. In an interview with NBC News, The chairman of DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani, said that their relations extend to their wives and children. He said that his wife and Ivanka are close friends. On several occasions, Hussain Sajwani family has traveled to New York where they have dined together. On the other hand, Donald and his family have visited them in their Dubai home.


Besides his entrepreneurial inclination and interests in property management, Hussain Sajwani is an active philanthropist. The DAMAC owner donated a total of AED 2million towards a campaign aimed at clothing one million children. The donation made through DAMAC properties would provide clothing for a total of 50,000 children. The total amount contributed amounted to AED 120 million. Learn more:


Education and Philanthropy Occupy an Important Position in Betsy DeVos’s Heart

Betsy DeVos is one of the shinning lights of the American education sector. For the last three decades, the famed businesswoman has been using a combination of advocacy and philanthropy to better the lives of hundreds of thousands of students across the country. The soft-spoken lady has also been very active on the political front. Her various successful endeavors in the education, private business, and political fronts led to her being named the country’s secretary for education earlier this year.


Betsy’s involvement in the education sector started when she was herself a parent to school-going children. She realized that while she could provide her children with an education of a certain quality, not all parents could afford the same. The public education system was riddled with many challenges and inefficiencies. Consequently, Betsy decided to start offering scholarships to bright but disadvantaged children. However, while these scholarships did help many deserving children, she soon came to the realization their impact was still too small. After that, she decided to use her political experience and networks to advocate for better education standards in the country. Till this day, Betsy DeVos has helped over 250 thousand students in states all across the country access quality education.


Betsy DeVos runs the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. She formed the foundation jointly with her husband, who is equally passionate about helping people, in 1989. They molded the foundation as a charitable organization that would help the less fortunate in society in the areas of education, governance, art, and community, while at the same time advancing their conservative ideals. Consequently, a great deal of the schools supported by the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation are Christian and mission schools. An analysis of the foundation’s giving between 1999 and 2015 revealed that the greatest portion of funds (nine million dollars) had gone towards Christian schools, followed by mission schools (five million dollars, and lastly public schools ($59,750).


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has also supported various initiatives that are not in the education sector. The foundation has been very supportive of art programs as they allow the youth to express themselves adequately. In fact, the foundation in 2009 launched an annual art competition held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Entry into the competition is free, and the prize money runs into the thousands of dollars. Further, Betsy DeVos has greatly supported the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. Three years ago, she made one of the single largest contributions that the center has received since its formation. The $22.5 million donation allowed the center to expand on its program of growing creativity in communities that had been hardest hit by the 2008 global financial crisis.


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Securus Technologies Has the Answer for Inmate and Family Communications

Securus Technologies is a large communications company located in Dallas, Texas. They specialize in linking families of incarcerated men and women with their loved ones who are in prison via various telephone systems. It is a strong program that helps to keep families together even though one of its members is in prison.


There are various plans available from collect calls, direct billing, inmate pay and advanced pay. Securus currently serves over 1.2 million inmates and more than 3,400 institutions in North America. It means a lot for people who are incarcerated and their families to be able to stay in touch with each other.


One very popular feature is the video conferencing feature which allows inmates and their families to hook up online where they can not only talk with one another but they are able to see each other as well. This feature is available on a scheduled basis and it saves the family from having to travel all the way to the facility and then wait in line for a visitation booth to open up.


Securus has a very sophisticated phone system that also works in favor of law enforcement. Prisons always have the problems of criminal activity taking place such as the smuggling in of drugs and alcohol, as well as plots that can endanger prison personnel and other inmates.


The Securus phone system has a very intelligent voice recognition system where anyone who is plotting a crime or could be a danger to anyone in the institution can be identified by their voice. If such plans are made over the phone in the Securus system, chances are the authorities will be able to trace the voice to the person or persons who are involved.


Many potential crimes have been thwarted in this manner. The biggest benefit of the system is how the families and inmates are able to stay in communication which helps everyone deal with being apart.


Boraie Development Made Necessary Improvements to New Brunswick

Out of all of the cities in New Jersey, many people chose not to live in New Brunswick. This is because the city was filled with crime and other issues. There were not a lot of places for people to work, and most of the ones who lived in the city had to work outside of it. This is what made things hard for people. They knew they would have to try different things if they wanted to be able to continue making their lives better. They didn’t realize that New Brunswick was only the way it was because of the crime and issues.

Omar Boraie saw this when he first came to the city. He knew, though, the city would get better if there was someone who cared about it and could take action. Omar Boraie believed he was that person. Since he knew what he was doing, he tried his best to help people with all of the issues they had. He has always tried his best to show people what they can do in different situations. He has also done what he can to make the industry a better place for people to try and enjoy when they are in different situations.

According to Rutgers Magazine, even when Omar Boraie was first starting the business, he decided he could help more people with the issues they were having. He also knew he was going to be able to make the city the best that it could be. For Omar Boraie to do all of this, he had to try different things, and he had to show others what they were doing if he wanted them to make the most out of the situations they were in. It was a way for Omar Boraie to make the industry better in different situations that he was in.

As things changed for Omar Boraie, he continued to grow Boraie Development. He wanted the company to realize what they were able to do so they would have a chance to try different things. He also wanted people to realize that he had a good handle on the company. It was a way for the company to increase and something that made it easier for people to try different things. New Brunswick has grown and the crime rate is even going down thanks to everything that Omar Boraie has done with the company that he first started. View Omar Boraie’s profile on

Marc Sparks’s Advice on Getting Financial Loans While Selling Products

Not all entrepreneurs that are getting financial assistance are those that are starting their company up. As a matter of fact, an entrepreneur does not have to be starting off to get loans. There are some venture capitalists that prefer to lend money to established companies because they are a much safer investment than companies that are just starting off. Often, they are the companies that just need money for advertising and reaching more customers so that their company can gain more profits. Marc Sparks has advice for people who already have sales in their company for how they can get loans from venture capitalists.

For people that already use sales, Marc Sparks advises them to use the data of their sales for the products that are already on the market. Of course the capitalists will look at the sales and factor in various things such as the frequency of the sales in order to determine whether it is worth lending and how much to lend ( One thing that venture capitalists are looking for are products that are in demand. Therefore, it is important for entrepreneurs to have as much data as they can to show that their products are selling.

Once all of the data is acquired, then Marc Sparks advise that entrepreneurs work on their presentation so that they will be able to convince the capitalists to give them some kind of consideration on giving out their loans. One of the reasons that venture capitalists look at presentation is that it shows where the entrepreneur is when it comes to creativity and work ethic. An entrepreneur that puts effort into his presentation is going to be more convincing than someone who is very lazy in his approach. It shows that the entrepreneur believes in his business and what he is offering.

New Securus Technology Introduced for Families

Staying in contact with inmates is important to family members and friends, especially when there are young children. Securus Technologies has been the primary company behind prison communication services in the United States. Recently they have begun to introduce and develop new methods of communication that families can use to stay in contact with family members that have been incarcerated. Using these new technologies is meant to be convenient and more meaningful for everyone involved.


Securus has not only introduced new means of communication, but has also introduced new methods of management for those individuals that frequently use their services. These new apps, online and phone systems, make it faster and easier for the family to manage the way in which they communicate and fit right into other service management options consumers are already used to using.


The best part about the new technology that has been introduced by Securus Technology is that you can use all of this from the comfort of your home. In person visits are expensive and hard to manage with children, but you can schedule chats that can be done at home, with children not having to enter the prison. Keeping those connections with family members open is a positive benefit for both inmates and their family members that care about them.


Sawyer Howitt Transfers His Racquetball Success To Other Areas of Life

Sawyer Howitt plays racquetball like there is no tomorrow. He works and plays in the Portland, Oregon area. While he possesses the ability to be a world class player, he does not rank presently because he is not active enough.

His skills allow him to play men’s singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. The idea of becoming a professional, or one’s best at anything, is admirable. Becoming one’s best is something that a person can leverage for the rest of their life.

With respect to racquetball, a person car reach pro. However, reaching a pro level, in any sport, is a matter of talent, dedication, time, and commitment. Not everyone who strives for success will succeed, but the rewards associated with success far outweigh the adversity it took to overcome failure.

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Sawyer Howitt offers several tried and proven tips to accomplish one’s goals.

1. Research. Anything in life accomplishing is worth researching before making an investment in time and energy. The reason being that failure can lead to giving up and disappointment. Research yourself and your area of interest. Your plan must be reachable.

2. Remain dedicated to your plan. Anyone who has ever succeeded at raquetball took their plan seriously. They dedicated themselves from start to end. There must be a specific plan for improvement, and a person should work their plan daily. This is the only way they can realize optimal results. With respect to racquetball, you should find a professional player who is willing to work with you. A professional can share helpful insights that can help you reach your goals much quicker.

3. Find a coach regardless of your talent level. A coach can help you stay motivated and on track. A coach can take you to new levels as you develop. Remember, not just any coach will do. You will need to find an excellent coach that believes in you.

Stick to your workout regimen. There will always be those times that you may not feel like working out or practicing according to This is the time to fight through and will yourself through to the other end. Once you find success in any endeavor, it is a lot easier to transfer that feeling and commitment to other things in life.

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Aloha Construction Company – Service Residents from Illinois to Wisconsin

A home is a man’s greatest investment. During harsh weather, this is the optimum place to run to, and after the hustles and bustles of the day, you finally want a place of your own to retire. However, homes at some point wear and tear because of harsh weather and many unforeseen factors, and therefore the need for a professional constructor like Aloha Construction at this time is inevitable. Aloha construction has long provided top notch and cost-effective repair services guaranteeing homeowners value for their money.


This is a family owned company that has long been talked about among Illinois and Wisconsin residents. For almost a decade now, residents in these two counties have highly benefitted from Aloha construction services, terming it as a professional company that reigns when it storms. Since its inception, Aloha contraction has done repairs to more than 18,000 homes. Numbers do not lie, and this figure can only demonstrate that the company is keen and dedicated to delivering only professional services to their clients.


Primarily, Aloha Construction specializes in repair services, namely siding service, guttering services, roofing, door and window services. As a company, Aloha construction demonstrates extensive experience, having done repairs for eight years and counting, having qualifications from Bureau with a rating of A+. It partnered with Synchrony Financial. Therefore, you can enjoy financing. Finally, being a family owned business, you rest assured that what it does is a gift to the community.


Just recently, Aloha construction launched their interior restoration and home remodeling division, called Aloha restoration, which is based in Lake Zurich. Among the services that the Lake Zurich based company offers include fire damage restoration services, mold removal, water damage restoration services, interior modeling, and even carpet cleaning services.


It serves residents of the Northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. David A. Farbaky is the President/CEO of Aloha Construction, Inc. and Lake Zurich based Aloha Restoration, Co.

Lori Senecal Succeeds in Leading in the Digital Advertisement

Lori Senecal is a standout among the most regarded advanced promoting experts. She has made huge achievements in the publicizing business and has been going about as CP+B’s worldwide CEO since March 2015. Senecal will be in the workplace until the point when the finish of 2017 when she is set to resign. Before being offered the present part, she went about as the CEO of MDC Partners and still kept up the position even in the wake of joining CP+B. The director of the publicizing office, Chuck Potter, trusts that the extraordinary abilities and experience of Lori have helped the in making its administrations adaptable and energetic.

In an article on Campaignlive, CP+B has bettered its execution in the business since Senecal assumed control over its initiative. She was the real player in the arrangement that empowered CP+B to assume control over the American Airlines promoting account from TM Advertising, which had worked with it for around more than two decades. CP+B was given the record in October 2015. Doorman has been working intimately with Senecal to decide superb systems that the organization can use in building up an able administration group. They have likewise been counseling each other to guarantee that the settle on the correct choices concerning the future organization of the firm. Throw trusts that the business will be set up for any type of changes when Senecal abandons her position. Numerous customers have adulated the organization since she assumed control over its authority. You can visit her page for more info.

The advanced publicizing organization is right now attempting to nature new pioneers. One of these people is Danielle Aldrich, who was named as the new leader of CP+B West. In her position, she will be directing the operations of CP+B Boulder and CP+B Los Angeles. Aldrich earlier acted one of the CP+B Boulder’s MDs. She was additionally one of the central members in winning of the American Airlines and Hershey accounts. You can visit Forbes to know more.

The organization at present has ten branches that are situated in various parts of the world, and they are overseen by very gifted experts. The representatives of the organization have conferred themselves to ensuring that it is fruitful in the universal markets. Lori trusts that having a skilled administration group will guarantee coordination of the divisions and furthermore empower customers to get the best administrations. Lori profession achievement has made her be valued by numerous ladies as a tutor. There are not very many female experts who have figured out how to achieve the level of her achievements in the advanced promoting industry. She has been tutoring other ladies who need to be effective in the area.


Hussain Sajwani: DAMAC Properties’ Gifted Chairman

Hussain Sajwani is the celebrated billionaire from UAE as well as the founder and acclaimed Chairman of DAMAC Properties, a prestigious global property development company. Before establishing his company, he began his earlier career at GASCO, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s subsidiary, where he was the Contracts Manager. Later, Sajwani established his catering venture in 1982 where he supplied food to the American army and the renowned construction company, Bechtel.


DAMAC Properties


Hussain Sajwani was among the leading pioneers to carry market expansion in Dubai. He established DAMAC Properties, in 2002, when he realized a great market opportunity for the property development. Additionally, he spotted the opportunity to host the growing number of visitors who came to the Emirates for trading business purposes. DAMAC has experienced tremendous growth thanks to Sajwani who has incorporated his experiences and expertise of property development including sales, marketing, legal, and administration. DAMAC is currently among the leading property development companies to be established in the Middle East.


DAMAC Properties currently has developmental projects in major cities including Beirut, Dubai, and London. DAMAC has grown to fame where it has become a publicly-listed company. Additionally, the company has excellent track records in the competitive luxury property development where it has delivered more than 16,800 homes.


The Association of Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani


In 2013, Hussain Sajwani collaborated with Donald Trump, America’s President-elect, to establish tow prestigious golf clubs including the Trump International Golf Course and the Trump World Golf Course. Tiger Woods designed the latter, and it is set to be inaugurated at the end of 2018. Similarly, the former was opened in February 2017 at the exquisite Akoya residential development of DAMAC Properties. During a celebratory New Year’s Eve event following Donald Trump’s victory to be America’s president-elect, he praised Hussain Sajwani family for being amazing people.


The Generosity of Hussain Sajwani


Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, participated in donating money to the Ramadan initiative that aimed to clothe a million destitute children all over the world. He gave out a cheque of AED two million to support the campaign. Sajwani’s donation was part of DAMAC’s support of the government’s efforts to improve the living standards of people.